By Chris Johnson


DURAND – On Monday Feb. 9 at 6 p.m., the Durand School Board of Education met to discuss issues affecting the school; development seemed to be a common theme.

Superintendent Kurt Alberstett reported to Trustees that he was continuing to investigate ways to improve the environment of teaching, with issues he addressed on the agenda on Monday.

“I began the final round of teacher evaluations with non-tenured teachers, while continuing in the process of evaluating tenured teachers. I helped facilitate writing curriculum at January Institute Day and helped facilitate A.L.I.C.E training during the January SIP day.”

Under new oversight from the Illinois education system, instructors and principals of schools are judged on their student’s performance at a greater level, with new teaching and test-interpretation practices being put into place. The State’s Board of Education has information available on how all teachers and administrators can be evaluated with the new procedures that are used, as needed, such as during an evaluation process regarding the possibility of continuing with current personnel or finding replacements.

Dolan School Principal Mark Parent reported that he and his staff celebrated an early school season success. They also were busy, succeeding on an individual basis.

“All our staff was re-certified SCM on Jan. 16 and I attended three administrative meetings. We hosted the second quarter awards ceremony as well as an early graduation. I also hosted three program tours. We presented Dane Schulte with the Michael M. Duffy Leadership Award.”

Junior high and high school Principal Michael Leskowich reported to the Board that he spent time learning during a recent improvement day.

“On Jan. 16 we held an Institute Day for our teachers. I want to thank Mr. Voigt, who did an outstanding job covering A.L.I.C.E safety training with our staff. I also attended the homeless liaison training at the Regional Office of Education.”

Leskowich reported that two new Bulldog Mats were donated by Durand Girl Scout Troop number 3383, some other students got to celebrate education on the road.

“On Jan. 15, our junior high students went on our GRRR skiing field trip to Chestnut Mountain Ski Resort. There were 66 students who qualified for the incentive out of 92 eligible. This was one of our highest qualifying percentages since I started at Durand.”

Activities and Transportation Director Pete Robertson told Trustees that he was working on collecting additional information on a possible move that would shake-up of the conference.

“I attended an NUIC meeting on January 14. We discussed two schools coming into the conference to replace South Beloit. We heard presentations from Morrison and Amboy High Schools. I also attended a junior high conference meeting on Jan. 22 where we discussed schedule checks and the conference approval for Durand and Pecatonica to co-op in junior high football.”

Durand recently hosted the girl’s Class 1A Basketball Regional, in which the host Lady Bulldogs defeated the Rockford Christian Life Lady Eagles and won the right to move on to the Pecatonica Sectional.

It was reported that three volunteers have been added to the roster for the developing Bass Fishing Team, set to take to the water in the upcoming season. Dan Hayes, Ron DeMus and Joel Erickson will all be helping out this year’s team of Durand athletes, according to reports.

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