Submitted by Kay DeMarco

PECATONICA – The First Baptist Church of Pecatonica received memorial money that the congregation earmarked for a mission church in the city of Tarlac, Phillipines. Sue Siemens, a member of the Pecatonica Woman’s Club, presented a program telling of her experiences on a five-day visit to the Philippines with her husband, Jerry, Pastor Dave Myers, and Brother Gary Bivins. On Nov. 4, 2014, they took an 18-hour plane trip from the West Coast to the Philippines to take part in the dedication of the church, which the Baptist Church had funded.

Susan made observations that impressed her memory forever. The children of the churches and schools were so polite and thankful for their visit. They were amazed by the tall American woman. Not really relishing the homemade food, Sue passed on the 17 day old duck eggs. That means a baby duck has been maturing in the egg for 17 days and is then eaten as a delicacy.

The most difficult visit that Susan experienced was the visit to an orphanage in the middle of a place known as the Dumps. The Dumps is the area in which the bags of refuse and garbage from the homes are deposited. Children looking for food and clothing always follow a new truckload. The orphans have two outfits, one for the week and one for Sunday church.

Sue is collecting small toys, art supplies, and clothing to be shipped at a reduced rate.

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