kidsSubmitted by the Staff of Pecatonica Elementary

PECATONICA – The children’s eyes widen, their jaws dropped, and they were speechless as their penpal, Private First Class Dylan Paul, walked through their classroom door on Friday, Feb. 13. This school year Dylan has been exchanging letters with the class and is also a former student of Mrs. Wenstrom. Dylan has been stationed in Fort Huachuca, AZ, and graduated his basic training from the Army National Guard just 24-hours earlier. He flew back late Thursday and the students were quietly working as he entered the classroom around noon.

Mrs. Wenstrom encouraged her students to ask questions. From that, the children learned Dylan’s favorite food is Sushi, his favorite song is “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, the name of his platoon “the Hitman” was the same as his high school baseball team. He told the class that he just finished a five day basic training where his unit performed task and battle drills with paint ball guns. He mentioned that it was also much warmer in Arizona than it was here.

Dylan will receive college tuition assistance through the GI Bill and plans to attend ISU and the Army Reserves. Thank you Private Paul for your time and your service!

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