By Chris Johnson


DURAND – The Durand School Board met on Monday night, March 6 at 6 p.m. with discussion held on issues affecting the schools within its watch, as the final weeks of another year quickly approach. Unlike 2014 when students around the area were looking forward to days of June study, fourth quarter activities have commenced with planning for 2015-2016 continuing.

Administration has already concluded many of the steps required to begin calculating how well this year’s crop of students have been coming along, while understanding how well instructors have been implementing their newly instructed practices. The information deciphering can commence.

For students, it was tests and evaluation from those tests, with additional testing schedule as changes continued to occur, with a set plan of testing put into action as students entered the hallways on day one.

Evaluations of teachers and evaluating the information collected from the testing is designed to assist the Department of Education in understanding how well students are learning, while also helping to determine if the teachers need to improve. Testing evaluations and evaluations of those issuing tests for students continue to play an important role in determining if the current teaching practices are working and if students are learning how they are supposed to be learning; remembering what they need.

Superintendent and Elementary School Principal Kurt Alberstett has been following and evaluating teachers throughout the school year. He commented on his status in a report he filed for the Monday meeting.

“I completed teacher evaluations and organized a teacher visit to North Boone to find out more about the 1:1 Program, I also helped to organize the February School Improvement Day where we looked at a new writing curriculum.”

Alberstett reported that he had met with DYBASA representatives to discuss the use of the ball diamond for community girls’ teams.

Activities and Transportation Director Pete Robertson reported there has been no vote on an approval to expand the NUIC with 2015-2016 games and practices just a few months away. There will be one change though, which will involve the younger athletes.

“We would like to officially Co-Op with Pecatonica for Junior High Football. Upon meeting with our community and our conference and the Pecatonica Boosters, we feel we have a solid foundation to move forward with this program.”

The fee was established last year to participate in the Pecatonica Junior High Football program, according to Robertson.

“All money will be collected and accounted for by the Pecatonica Youth Board and volunteers. Eligibility will be monitored by the Pecatonica School District. All participants will attend a rules meeting to learn about the program and sportsmanship expectations.”

The team will host three games this fall. Two of those will be in Durand and one in Pecatonica. Durand will provide transportation for practice and games for the Pecatonica students, according to Robertson.

“There will be no major changes in the uniforms at this time. However we will look into a helmet decal.  We will move slowly with this new Co-Op and review it as we progress.”

High School Principal Michael Leskowich reported to Trustees that he had been following through with a district wide program working with a neighboring school district.

“I attended a CareerTEC Principal’s meeting at Freeport and met several times with the Academic Advisor and the Technology Department regarding PARCC Testing.  I participated on a tour of North Boone Junior High to see their 1:1 Program.”

Leskokwich reported that one of the district’s students, Grace R., won the Junior High Spelling Bee and moved on in the competition.

The Durand School Board will meet next on Monday, 13 at 6 p.m.

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