BYRON – An awe-inspiring amount of donations came in from the Byron community recently to help the victims of the tornados that swept through Northern Illinois. Led by Tracie Duffield, Kari Ebens, the Byron CUSD 226 Transportation Dept., and the HS Student Council, volunteers manned the busses on Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12 collecting everything from basic necessities to clothing.

Volunteers were busy, as they collected and stuffed 3 busses with supplies for the community of Fairdale and surrounding areas. Another busload of clothing was collected along with almost $4000 in cash and gift card donations.

Volunteers also accompanied the busses to Kirkland to assist in the unloading process and get a first-hand look at the outpouring of support for this devastated area. It was a heartbreaking experience to see even a small part of the damage and need that this area is experiencing. I think that all of those involved were moved by Byron’s outpouring of donations, the district’s willingness to transport/support the donation process, and the volunteers who stayed to the end to make sure that the donations go into the hands of those that need it most.

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