STILLMAN VALLEY – On Tuesday, April 28, Mr. Phil Bratta was recognized by Illinois Education Region 22 and the Stillman Valley Education for his continued contribution to the success of Meridian CUSD223 (Stillman Valley) students. Phil was nominated by Todd Hall, a former student of Phil’s and a current teacher for Meridian. Though Mr. Bratta has been retired for several years he still makes an impact in the Meridian CUSD223 and community. He still coaches chess and academic teams for the district, and he attends as many extra-curricular activities as possible. Mr. Bratta is also readily available to serve as a substitute teacher. He is actively involved with the U of I Extension as a master gardener, and he hosts computer education courses for adults.

Mr. Hall remembers Mr. Bratta as a teacher who really wanted to make a difference in his students’ lives. Not only was Mr. Bratta concerned about the content being taught, he was also very concerned about his students’ well being. He was always asking about what the students wanted to do when they got older, helped them to overcome normal struggles of being a teenage, and always encouraged the students to do well in school.

“The positive difference Mr. Bratta has made in my life is a major reason why I chose the teaching profession as a career,” Mr. Hall states.

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