By Marianne Mueller


 ROCKTON – Colorful pictures hung from hallways of Whitman Post Elementary School. In another section of the school various styles of POP Art (popular art) carried many elements of surprise on Wednesday, May 6.

This year’s art show focused on the Art and History of video games and Superhero’s.

Visions of Pac Man, Mario, Minecraft Video Gaming and Optical illusions produced great interest.

A table full of cereal decorated cereal boxes captured the eye; each given a unique name. Twister O’s, Blackout Flakes and Apple Jackson’s were a few boxes that stood out. One cereal box featured a tasteful photo of Anne Frank and was titled, “Anne Frank Flakes.”

Detailed displays showed Bob’s hotel, a police station, a 3 D version of Sponge Bob and Star Warters.

Artistic flare stood out with colored pictures of the Justice League, Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Disney characters Baymax and Hiro, Toon Link, Captain America plus many other superheroes.

Standing out amongst artwork were paper Mache piranha plants. A sign explained the reason behind these pieces.” One of the iconic enemies from the video game Super Mario Brothers is the piranha plant. This bright, colorful plant with innocent polka dots packs a terrible bite. “

Students used paper, tape, and paper Mache as a base and a balloon to create the head and paper Mache layers for strength. Students then opened the mouth and added lips, a stem and a warp pipe.  They did orthodontics by adding teeth using model magic as a final step. These cool creatures were designed by fifth grade students.

Whitman Post Elementary students demonstrated inspired pieces at the 2015 POP Art show!

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