animal kindness

By Bob Balgemann


BELVIDERE – Boone County Animal Control Services officials are recognizing those who go out of their way to express kindness toward animals.

Whether it’s a cash donation of some act of goodness, Supervisor Roger Tresemer is making mention of the incidents at county board meeting.

At the April 15 meeting he told of Samantha Doty from Hoffman Estates, who helped an animal services officer after a dog had been hit by a semi-tractor on Interstate 90 near Garden Prairie Road. She paid the $411 veterinarian bill, which included care to stabilize the animal.

“She had no connection with the animal,” he said. “She just wanted to help. She gets the ‘Good Samaritan Award’ for going above and beyond.”

The dog, a German Shepherd, recovered and has been adopted out, he said.

“That’s a great story,” board Chairman Bob Walberg said. “We appreciate it.”

There was more good news that night as Tresemer told of a fund-raising campaign, called Cash for Canines, which was conducted at Meehan Elementary School.

He related how all the students at the school were reading a book entitled, “Shiloh.” The story was about a boy who found a dog that was being abused and cared for it.

In response, he said animal services staff made 16 presentations, about animal care and kindness, to 27 classes and, in response, the youngsters raised $589.95 for the animal control facility.

Lisa Krocker is the reading coordinator at Meehan.

Tresemer said he believed they, and others, should be recognized when they do something special for the shelter or one or more of its inhabitants.

Jail inmates too close

for nearby homeowner

BELVIDERE – Shirley Mills lives behind the public safety building, which is next to the Boone County Jail.

She said a landscape berm was supposed to have been put between her house and the building, so she would not have to look at it. But the berm never was put in and now, when she’s in her back yard, inmates at the jail can see her.

“I would like something to be done about that,” she told the county board at its April 15 meeting.

“That’s the first I’ve heard about this,” board Chairman Bob Walberg said in response. “I don’t have any suggestions right now, but I believe we can be good neighbors.”

Board member Sherry Branson asked if anyone knew what happened?

“You’ll have to ask Mr. Terrinoni,” Mills replied, referring to county Administrator Ken Terrinoni.

“I don’t remember,” Terrinoni answered.

Walberg assured that the matter would be investigated.

Minutes bring question

from county board member

BELVIDERE – Minutes from previous Boone County Board meeting usual are approved without question. But April 15, board member Kenny Freeman wondered about a word that he saw on page three of the minutes from the March 18 meeting.

The sentence read that there was “no couching as to when we will stop collecting it.” He told the board chairman, Bob Walberg, “I don’t understand what that means.”

County Clerk Mary Steurer transcribes and then types up meetings of the board. She also saw that word and said she Googled it. She found it means “it was not determined.”

That satisfied Freeman, though he said, “I don’t remember anyone saying that.”

Ultimately, the board voted 12-0 to accept the minutes as printed.

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