By Jean Seegers


ROSCOE – Roscoe Village President Dave Krienket presented a written statement of disapproval, and veto of a resolution recently passed by the Board of Trustees to hire Kluber Inc. at a cost of $13,000, to provide services related to the creation of a Special Needs Analysis for the Roscoe Police Department.

Village Clerk Chris Marks read the resolution at the June 16, general meeting.

“Hiring a company to conduct a feasibility study for a project this size without having an honest discussion about the method of financing it is premature and does a disservice to our residents and taxpayer who must ultimately foot the bill,” he stated in the resolution.

Krienke asked the Board to have an honest and open discussion about the funding sources available for the project and prioritizing the use of the Village’s limited resources before moving forward with the first stage of the project.

In other business:  Gus Larson, Director of the North Pointe Health and Wellness Campus, thanked the Board and the Village of Roscoe for their support of the Ambulatory Surgical Center that has now been approved. The Surgical Center will be built on the North Pointe property at 5605 Rockton Road.

Krienke presented a certificate of appreciation to retiring Village Treasurer Don Lee for his services. Mark Olson has been hired for the part-time treasurer position at a salary of $60,000, beginning July 1.

Trustee Kevin Muradian said the structure of an Advisory Committee made up of Village residents is being drawn up.  Anyone interested in sitting on the committee can call the Village at (815) 623-2829.

The Committee of the Whole (COTW) met following the general meeting.

Village Administrator Patrick De Grave was approved to facilitate for the COTW meetings.

After lengthy discussion, Trustees recommended changes /elimination for an ordinance for truck permit parking in an R-1 District (residential).  Robert Hantz requested a permit to park his semi-truck in front of his home three to four times a year for a period of 72 hours.

Trustee Muradian said allowing the elimination of the present ordinance passed in 2001, might set a precedent. A compromise was reached which will allow the semi to be on the property for eight hours, two or three times a year.

Roscoe United Methodist Church asked the Board to consider a waiver of the variance requiring curb and gutters around the perimeter of the church parking lot, in order to build a paved parking lot north of the church. Church member James Hunt asked for more time to blacktop the parking lot.

Hunt said the church is in the planning stages of building a $ four million sanctuary.  He estimated it should take approximately four year to raise the money needed.

Krienke said it would be foolish to pave the parking lot now if the church is planning to build a new sanctuary.

“Eventually you would have to tear it out.”

“Show us your plans and we will work with you,” Trustee Carol Gustafson said.

Trustee Sue Petty concurred. “Put a plan together with an architectural concept.” RUMC is an important asset to the community.”

A comprise was reached that would allow the church to pave the parking lot. Hunt said since the church is on Main Street, they would like to go ahead with paving it for aesthetic reasons. Trustees agreed to partial curb and gutters along the Main Street portion of the property.

It was agreed the rest of the required curb and gutter will go in once the expansion is complete. The Board will vote on the request at the next General Board meeting.

The next  COTW, followed by and General Board meeting will be July 7, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Village Board

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