Water Rescue 1

By Barb Appelhans


CANDLEWICK LAKE – On Saturday, June 20, water rescue teams from Rockford, North Boone, and Belvidere fire departments submerged a 2015 Dodge Dart car frame.

The Chrysler Corporation donated the 2015 Dodge Dart to the water rescue teams and even delivered it to Candlewick Lake for the training session.

The purpose of the car submergence was to use the car as a water rescue and sonar training for the different area fire departments. The training session occurs several times a year.

The water rescue teams prepared the car frame by backing it into the marina. The car was weighted down with with two 1,000 pound airbags then towed with a wave runner approximately 200 to 300 feet to the south west corner of Candlewick Lake near the dam.

Once the car was positioned, the teams submerged the car 15 feet to the bottom of the lake. This procedure provides the water rescue teams with a valuable training tool in order to prepare the water rescue teams on how to save lives within the surrounding communities.

Water Rescue 2

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