LOVES PARK – On Tuesday, July 14, at about 6:30 p.m., officers were dispatched to the 300 block of Riverside Blvd., reference to a fight. When officers arrived, they learned that bystanders had broken up a fight between two men, Austin Crenshaw and Shawn Carlisle.

A woman at the scene of the fight, Michelle Linder, reported that Carlisle came into Marshall’s Bicycle Shop, 246 E. Riverside Blvd., where she works.

She alleged that Carlisle attempted to purchase several bicycles with counterfeit money. When Shawn was confronted about the counterfeit money, Linder reported that Shawn pushed her and Crenshaw, who was also present at the bike shop, to the ground.

After pushing them to the ground, Shawn fled on foot. He was pursued by Crenshaw and was reportedly tackled in the 300 block of Riverside Blvd.

Shawn alleged that he was at the business to purchase four ounces of cannabis, with counterfeit money. When they confronted him about the money, he pushed them and ran, tripping on a curb as he crossed Riverside Blvd. at which time Crenshaw jumped on top of him.

A Search Warrant was obtained for the home at 246 E. Riverside. The property also houses Marshall’s Bicycle Shop.

While obtaining the Search Warrant, Crenshaw allegedly climbed through a window to gain access to the home, while others associated with the home and business were attempting to distract officers on the scene, so that Crenshaw could make way with evidence from inside the home.

After additional officers were assigned to the scene, Crenshaw realized that he was unable to flee from the home, so he hid inside, keeping in contact with those outside the home by text.

During the execution of the Search Warrant, some eight hours later, on Wednesday, July 15, Crenshaw was found hiding under a blanket, beneath a desk and a television stand, in a storage room of the home. Suspected cannabis, guns, and currency were collected by officers.

Brent B. Marshall, 41, of Loves Park, was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Less Than 500 Grams of Cannabis and Obstructing Justice. Michelle L. Linder, 34, of Loves Park, was charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Less Than 500 Grams of Cannabis, Obstructing Justice & Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Austin J. Crenshaw, 28, of Chicago, was charged with Obstructing Justice. Shawn R. Carlisle, 40, of Rockford, was charged with Forgery and Aggravated Battery on a Public Way.

The charges are merely allegations and the defendants are considered innocent, unless proven guilty in court of law.Linder MUGSHOT Marshall MUGSHOT Crenshaw MUGSHOT

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