We are excited to announce that a grant award of up to $25,000 has been made to the local Parks and Conservation Foundation from the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation’s (ICECF) 2015 Stewardship Challenge Grant Program.
The Parks and Conservation Foundation was invited to submit a grant request to restore and enhance wildlife habitat at the Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Area near Garden Prairie, Illinois. This project will involve the removal of invasive and non-native species; collection and preparation of native seed to be planted at the site; removal of old fencing; and other tasks that will improve the quality of the habitat for a diverse array of native plant and animal species.
There are two elements of the stewardship challenge. The first element involves fundraising from within the Boone County Community. This grant challenges us to raise $7,000, which will be matched by $21,000 from the ICECF. Funds from this grant must be used to restore or enhance habitat on lands that were acquired with prior financial assistance from the ICECF.
The second element engages the Boone County Community to become directly involved with the stewardship effort. So we are asking you to step-up and step out into the field as a volunteer. Your time will also be converted to cash as the stewardship challenge grant will contribute a bonus payment of $4,000 if we can log 400 or more hours of volunteer time toward the stewardship project at the Kishwaukee Valley Conservation Area.
Let’s demonstrate that the folks in Boone County are up to the challenge – please consider making a contribution to the Parks and Conservation Foundation in support of this ICECF stewardship challenge!
Contact Dan Kane, Vice-Chair of the Parks and Conservation Foundation at (815) 547-7935 or stop in at the Gustafson Nature Center, 603 North Appleton Road, to find out more information about how you can become a volunteer and/or make a cash donation toward this project.

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