Mike's One Stop Robbery for web

By Doug Schroder


PECATONICA – In the wee early morning hours of Wednesday, July 8, Mike’s One Stop Shop on Main Street in Pecatonica was burglarized when two individuals gained entry by ramming their vehicle into the front door of the business and smashing the glass. Security cameras showed that the hoody-wearing individuals then entered the business and took what they could of alcohol and cigarettes and putting their ill found goods in the vehicle. The two then went back for another round of grabbing alcohol and cigarettes. It was then that a person driving by on Main Street noticed the pair and drove around the block. By the time the person got back to the business, the pair had fled in their vehicle. A call was then placed to the police.

“We’ve had shoplifting and employee theft happen before, but nothing like this in my 15 years in business,” said store owner Mike Knoup.

It will take at least two weeks from the time of the burglary until the door can be fixed, due to the insurance claim and ordering a new door and frame.

The burglary is under investigation by police and no suspects have been brought into custody as of this writing. The Gazette will give an update when an arrest is made.

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