Drug Court 1

By Bob Balgemann


BELVIDERE – Finding money for unexpected expenses has been difficult for Boone County officials in recent years, but they were resolved in finding the dollars needed to continue the drug court program, which was started in 2014.

The employee assigned to that function already had been laid off by the probation department due to a lack of funding. But before the public safety committee adjourned, Probation Deputy Director Debbie Jarvis was told to call that individual the next day and tell her to return to work.

At that point no one knew where they would find the $4,640.94 needed each month to cover the coordinator’s salary ($3,296), benefits ($1,114.31), and cell phone ($37.16) and to perform case management for Remedies ($193.32).

That detail was cleared up during the July 15 county board meeting. But only after County Administrator Ken Terrinoni stressed, “This is very important. Right now it’s not being funded by the state.”

Board member Karl Johnson said the probation department relied on a grant, which was approved but not funded by the state. “It’s a very valuable tool for the state attorney and the court system,” he said. “The probation department is below its expense (budget) for this year.”

He added he hoped the state “will get its act together” and fund the program.

Board Chairman Bob Walberg said while he would vote in favor of the expenditure, he had “strong reservations” about the future because of the financial condition of the state. “This could lead to an avalanche of other requests” for funding, he said.

Ultimately, the board approved the expenditure, 11-0 with one absent. Instead of $4,640, the motion was to spend $9,500 and cover both the months of July and August.

There was a related motion, to renew the adult redeploy (drug court) grant, which also passed, 11-0.

The public safety committee, in a 4-0 vote with one absent, recommended renewal of the grant.

Johnson mentioned the good condition of the probation department’s 2014-15 budget, saying juvenile placements so far had been below expectations. “Could you take the $4,684 out of there?” he asked.

Jarvis said she didn’t that would be a problem.

“This really is an important program,” Johnson said of drug court. “It helps a lot of people. I’d really like to keep it going.”

It was agreed to allow Jarvis to use the money immediately, even though the expenditure had not been formally approved by the full county board.

But Terrinoni pointed out there were seven board members in the room, five on the committee (Kenny Freeman came in late) and two in the audience. That constituted a majority and no one objected to spending the money.

Not long after that board member Sherry Giesecke (No. 8) arrived and she, too, was in concurrence.

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