By Doug Schroder


WINNEBAGO – On Tuesday evening, Aug. 18, around 6 p.m., a call came in to the Winnebago Fire Department that there was a fire at Quantex, a business located near the high school at 501 N. Elida St. Quantex manufactures vinyl and composite frames, finishes and materials for building. Due to the size of the building and the chemicals used in the manufacturing process there was potential for a large fire. Winnebago Fire Chief Robert Martin put in a high alarm call and the crew from Byron’s Fire Department also showed up for the call.

Winnebago firefighters gained access and quickly extinguished the fire in about 10 minutes, using only about 500 gallons of water. Little damage was incurred to the business.

Chief Martin then removed the high alarm call, but by that time Byron’s Department were enroute.

Employees evacuated the building in a timely fashion. Winnebago Fire Chief Robert Martin commended Quantex on the training provided to employees with fire and tornado drills.

“I preach for places to do the drills, to safeguard their people, and get them out in a timely manner, ” said Chief Martin.

No employee was injured, nor were any of the firefighters during the fire.

8-18 Firecall 2

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