PECATONICA – Nick Berry participated in and brought home the “Best Male Raw Bench Press” award from an American Powerlifting Federation competition held on July 18 at Rich East High School in Park Forest, IL. Nick earned the title after bench-pressing 457 pounds, earning the American Powerlifting Federation Junior Record and the highest bench press in the United States for his 20-23 age group.

How is Nick able to attain such high goals? He works out at Summit Fitness in Pecatonica for three days each week. He is dedicated so he visits the gym frequently and he would like to be surrounded by other lifters in training. Usually facing disappointment, Nick tries to encourage others to work out. But, usually, the promises don’t follow through. The skill levels don’t matter; one just begins wherever the ability is. Nick points out that crowded workout centers are not bad; they are actually encouraging and more fun. Summit Fitness has all of the equipment, classes, and personal training needed to be a record-holding competitor.

On July 21, the Tuesday following Nick’s competition, Pecatonica Village President Dan Barber named the day, Nick Berry Day. Nick felt very honored that Mr. Barber went through the effort for this special recognition.


Kay DeMarco photo

Twenty-three year old Nick Berry sits on the bench press machine at Summit Fitness in Pecatonica as he holds his trophy, which reads “Best Male Raw Bench Press”.

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