By Kathryn Menue


POPLAR GROVE – The Belvidere Bucs faced off against Jefferson High School in a match at Timber Pointe Golf Club in Poplar Grove on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Belvidere won 184-196.

The top four athletes for this game from Belvidere included Brandon Bishoff with a 38, Gunner Gleason with a 46, Garrett Keeney with a 49, and Larry Larson with a 51.

Teammates Dylan Boardman, with a 61, and Ryan Snyder with a 53, rounded out the team.

The top four players from Jefferson couldn’t catch the Belvidere leaders with their four lowest scoring athletes scoring 12 points higher than Belvidere.

Thurston ended with the lowest for Jefferson with a 45, followed closely by Loveridge with a 47, Mitkusevitch with a 50, and Docter with a 54.

Scores are courtesy of Coach Andy Werhane.

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