BELVIDERE – The Belvidere High School varsity boys’ soccer team defeated Woodstock North High School on Saturday, Sept. 5 at a home game at Funderburg Stadium. The Belvidere Bucs won the game with an overall score of 3-1.

Belvidere High School started the game off by scoring the first goal in the first period of the match. The first goal was by Daniel Reyes, which he scored off of a penalty.

Also scoring in the first period was Belvidere’s own, Jose Mancillas who scored with an assist from Jaime Flores.

The Belvidere Bucs furthered their lead with David Rivera scoring in the second period of the game.

Woodstock North finally scored in the second period as well, with player #19 making the final goal of the game. Unfortunately, the goal wasn’t enough to save Woodstock North from losing the game.

Both teams gave it their all with Belvidere taking 14 shots and making three of them and Woodstock North making six goal attempts, but only making one.

Each goalie did well saving two goals each, including Belvidere’s goalie, Edgar Gomez.

This win gave the Belvidere Bucs a record of 8-1.

The Belvidere High School junior varsity boys’ soccer team also won against Woodstock North with a total of 3-0.


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