BELVIDERE – The Belvidere High School defeated Winnebago in a near shut-out game on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at Funderburg Stadium.

The Belvidere Bucs came out strong scoring seven goals in the first period. The first goal to kick off the night came from Jorge Resendiz. The next goal, coming not too long after the first came from Juan Resendiz with an assist from Jose Mancillas.

Jose Mancillas took over and scored the next two goals of the game, one by himself and one with an assist from teammate Jorge Resendiz.

To break-up the 4-0 lead that Belvidere took, Winnebago High School player Markel Zuluaga scored the first and only goal for Winnebago during the Tuesday game.

Belvidere North crushed the competition by scoring three more goals before the first period ended. The first two came from Rogelio Flores and Jose Mancillas, both with an assist from Bernardo Dominguez.

The last goal to end the period came from Mark Silis with an assist from Oscar Alamonza.

In the second period, Belvidere furthered their lead with Rudy Ponce and Rogelio Flores scoring the first two goals of the second period.

Then, Flores came back with an assist to Juan Resendiz’s goal.

To finish off the night, Jonathon Naun scored the second to last goal and Leo Limani finished the game, scoring the 12th goal with an assist from teammate Bernardo Dominguez.

In total, Belvidere took 20 shots and scored 12 times while Winnebago only got the chance to shoot once and made the goal.

The two goalies had their work cut out for them with Edgar Gomez of Belvidere tightly securing the goal, while Winnebago’s goalie, Gottman, let a few too many shots get into the goal.

This victory puts Belvidere at a record of 9-1.

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