By Kathryn Menue


WOODSTOCK – The Belvidere North High School boys’ golf team defeated the Woodstock Co-op team in a match set on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at Woodstock North. Belvidere North won 168-186.

Belvidere North’s top players were Jacob Dykstra with a 39, Brenton Payne with a 42, Josh Cassaro with a 43, and Cam Batson with a 44.

Not far behind the top four, whose totals amounted to the winning score, were Adam Veruchi with a 45, Tony Lazzerini with a 46, and Garrett Nelson with a 48.

For Woodstock, the top varsity players were Zientz with a 42, Bridges with a 47, R. Alcaraz with a 48, and Geske with a 49. These four players totaled the 186 points that was a little too high to beat Belvidere North.

Teammates S. Alcaraz and Miranda weren’t far behind with their scores of 50, followed closely by Pietrzak with a score of 51.

The Belvidere North High School junior varsity boys’ golf team also faced Woodstock and won with a total of 196-228.

Scores are courtesy of BNHS Varsity Golf Coach Alan McCormick.


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