By Kathryn Menue


POPLAR GROVE – The Belvidere girls’ golf co-op team, comprised of both Belvidere and Belvidere North players, faced Boylan High School on Tuesday, Sept. 8 at Timber Pointe Golf Club in Poplar Grove. The end result of the game was a close game, but an ultimate loss for the Belvidere girls with a winning score of 182 for Boylan and Belvidere just falling short of that score with a 186.

Boylan has their four top players to thank for their win, including the medalist from the match Jessica Slattery who had the lowest score out of both teams with a 42.

Her three other teammates scored lowed ensuring a victory for Boylan with Claudia Conness scoring a 45, Edie Ports scoring a 44, and Morgan Pietruch scoring a 51.

Not far behind the leaders were teammates Elizabeth Heim with a score of 53 and Alli Erdmier with a score of 57.

The Belvidere girls’ golf co-op team gave it their all with top player Maddie Strum scoring one point off of the match’s leader, Jessica Slattery. Strum scored a 43 to Slattery’s 42.

The Belvidere girls still had an impressive game with Sara Redig scoring a 44, Morgan McNulty scoring  a 49, and Brenna Rieches scoring a 50.

Teammates Gracie Thies and Josie Rieches were an added support with both of them scoring close to the leaders with Thies scoring a 58 and Rieches scoring a 56.

Scores are courtesy of Coach Dan Koenings.


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