By Kathryn Menue


BELVIDERE – Boylan High School’s varsity girls’ golf team defeated the Belvidere co-op girls’ golf team, consisting of players from both Belvidere High School and Belvidere North High School.

Boylan took home the victory on Thursday, Sept. 3 with a total of 179 to Belvidere’s 204.

Both teams had impressive performances from the top athletes on their teams.

The four lowest scorers made up the total for their teams.

On Boylan’s team, the four lowest scoring athletes included Jessica Stattery with a 38, who was also the medalist from the match, Alli Eridmier with a 45, and Claudia Conness and Elizabeth Heim both scoring 48s to make up their teams final score of 179.

Not far behind on the Boylan team, were Edie Ports with a 51 and Morgan Pietruch with a 54.

On the Belvidere team, Maddie Strum had the lowest score with a 47, followed by Morgan McNulty and Josie Rieches tying for second on the Belvidere team, with scores of 52, and Sara Redig and Brenna Rieches tying for the fourth lowest score with a 53. These players made up the sum total of 204 for the Belvidere co-op team.

Close behind them was Gracie Thies with a score of 59 to represent Belvidere.

These results are courtesy of Belvidere Coach Dan Koenings and this match put Belvidere at a 6-1 record. The Belvidere, Boylan matchup game was the first loss for the Belvidere girls.

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