By Bob Kopp

BDR Sports Correspondent

Pre-season prognostications pretend contenders; but every coach, player, and fan knows games are played on the field.

North has proven just about all of the experts wrong in their convincing to crushing wins over Jefferson, Belvidere, and Auburn to establish themselves as the team to beat in the NIC-10 as they head to another conference title.

It’s the Bucs turn to prove they are contenders not pretenders.

Bouncing back from a disappointing loss to their cross-town rivals last Friday, the Bucs traveled to Jefferson for a declarative 33-0 win that was more lopsided than the score.

With skeptics and fair-weather fans jumping off of the Bucs high pre-season expectations and being picked by some to lose to the J-Hawks despite losing only once to them over two decades (18 wins in a row after Friday), observers aware of the coaching prowess and depth of the roster knew an upset by Jefferson would bring legendary eschatologist Don Norek (RIP) to mind; for a loss to the J-Hawks would most certainly be the last sign of the apocalypse.

While the game outlasted all others on tap, rendering stats unavailable for this report, junior Austin Revolinski continued to rise to the top of the quarterback pack in the NIC-10 with a multi-dimensional arsenal matched by mental and physical tenacity.

Senior Eric Munoz continues to dominate on both sides of the ball and led a star-studded defense that gave hints of nasty stinginess to come.  Just pull out your roster and revel in this total-team triumph led by a defense that lived up to expectations with many sacks, an interception, and sure as well as bruising tackling.

Perhaps it’s providential for individual stats to be unavailable for this report; as this year’s Belvidere football team is a family understanding the whole is equal to the sum of its parts.  Head Coach Chuck Leonard has modeled a Pauline principle for players in their quest to prove they are up to the lofty expectations preceding the schedule: “We belong to each other and each needs all of the others.”

The Buc family will need to be at its best as team and true “Once a Buc Always a Buc” fans travel to Auburn next Friday.

After their pre-season favorite status was upset by North (40-32) that looks like it’s ready to “upset” a lot of teams, the Knights will be ready and waiting to see if the Bucs are contenders or pretenders.

This is a pivotal game for both teams.

Whoever loses will be out of the picture for a conference title.

Whoever wins will establish momentum for the meat of their schedule.

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