Book-Bob Russell

BOONE COUNTY – Former Northern Illinois resident and local banker, Robert J. Russell recently released a new book entitled, The American Dream.

The book tells the inspiring life stories of 17 people who achieved financial success through free market capitalism.  Among the stories in the book are those of three local entrepreneurs – Joe Eaton of Special Power, Inc., Mike Fisher of Heartwood Creations, Inc. and Russell’s parents who were farmers from Capron, Ill.

Russell wrote this book to celebrate our free market economy and to honor those who achieved The American Dream. Many books have been written about the tycoons of the past, but this book is about average people who worked hard and achieved their dreams.

Russell was compelled to write the book after hearing many of these inspiring stories. The hardships and difficulties that some people had to overcome in order to become successful are amazing. The common thread among all of these entrepreneurs is that they had the vision, determination and intelligence to succeed.

Many people question if The American Dream is still achievable, which makes the book especially helpful for teenagers and young adults as they are determining a career path to enable them to achieve their goals and dreams.

Russell has donated this book to all the colleges, public libraries, and high schools in Ogle, Boone, and Winnebago Counties and many other high schools and colleges throughout the country. This book is also available for purchase at and at bookstores everywhere.

The author, Robert J. Russell, was born and raised on a farm in Boone County and spent his entire career in banking in Rockford. He now resides in Fort Myers, Florida.

Advanced praise for The American Dream include: “a consummate account of entrepreneurial financial success obtained through free market capitalism…a remarkable gallery of seventeen life stories-heroic, tragic, moving…The American Dream is a tribute to the spirit of entrepreneurial success and is highly recommended to interested readers,” Robert J. Smat, M.S., PhD, Organic Research Chemist, and Patent Agent, E.I. du Pont De Nemours and Co. said.

Gary W. Rodgers, PhD, professor at Florida Southwestern State College, Colorado State University-Global Campus, said, “Bob Russell reminds us that the great American success story has been achieved by many families…it is worthwhile to read, as it is a reflection of American culture.”

Tim Allen, PhD, CCIM, Professor, Eminent Scholar, and Alico Chair in Finance, Lutgert College of Business, and Florida Gulf Coast University said, “Bob Russell’s book is a resounding endorsement of free market capitalism as told through 17 life stories of entrepreneurs who have achieved significant financial success. This book will no doubt give readers confirmation that free market capitalism…is the supreme economic system…”

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