By Kathryn Menue


MARENGO – The Marengo High School boys’ golf team defeated Belvidere North High School in a match at Marengo Ridge Golf Course on Tuesday, Sept. 1.

Marengo had impressive scores from their top players with Wick bringing in 41 points, Stieneke with 41, Wascher with 39, and Keefer with 47 points to bring their overall total to 168 points to take the victory away from Belvidere North.

Marengo also had players make it close to the top four with Quick brining in 51 points and Deller with 52 points.

Despite the loss, Blue Thunder brought the heat to create a stiff competition for Marengo.

Adam Veruchi played an impressive game tying for first with two of Marengo with a score of 41.

Josh Cassaro and Jake Dykstra tied for the next highest score on the Belvidere North team with a total of 44 and Brenton Payne reared up the top four with a total 46 points. These four lowest scoring athletes brought the Belvidere North total to 175, which was a few points shy of the 168 that Marengo scored to bring home the victory.

Not far behind were Garrett Nelson with a 48 and Cam Batson with a 49, but their efforts weren’t enough to keep their victory streak going against Marengo.

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