Michelle Courier endorsement

FLORA – We, as Flora Township representatives for Southwestern Boone County, hereby endorse Michelle Courier to be reelected as our state’s attorney.

As our state’s attorney for the last seven years, Courier has a proven track record of being hard-working, dedicated, and acting in the best interests of Boone County.

Courier already has the knowledge and experience we need in a state’s attorney to deal with the many challenges our county faces.

Courier, having been born and raised in Boone County and is now raising her own family here, is also committed to making Boone County safe and a better place to live.

In Courier, we have a state’s attorney who serves all the people of Boone County.

Please reelect Michelle Courier as our Boone County State’s Attorney.


Gail Bennett, Flora Township Supervisor, Kerry Lee, Flora Township Trustee, Debra Butenshoen, Flora Township Trustee, Kenneth Freeman, Flora Township Clerk, Dan Runyan, Flora Township Trustee, and Michael Frank, Flora Township Highway Commissioner.

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