By Jean Seegers


ROSCOE – The Sept. 1, Roscoe village meeting drew a contingency of Oak Village condo owners who expressed their disapproval of the proposed Village Garbage Ordinance. Tempers flared as one resident followed another to the microphone to voice their anger and express their frustration and disagreement regarding the Ordinance.

At issue was the approval of an Ordinance amending the definition of “Residential Property Owner” for the purpose of Residential Waste Service in the Village. Many declared that the Ordinance is unfair.

The proposed Ordinance would provide garbage pick-up to single (R1) and two family (duplexes) (R2) units. Four family and multiple residences would not be included.

Village Attorney Joe Kurlinkus said structures, rather than units in the building, are what determines who will receive trash service.

Several Oak Village residents who own fourplex condos said the Ordinance is unfair and discriminatory. Village Administrator Pat De Grave said the Village has to draw the line somewhere.  The cost of picking up each resident’s garbage would be prohibitive.

De Grave said providing service to condo owners in buildings other than R1 and R2 structures would involve up to an additional 4,000 people. He added that the number of bins and totes would be too many to handle. He said the Village could provide service to give everyone, but something else would have to be dropped.

Oak Village condo owner Judy Beauvair spoke in behalf of condo owners n fourplexes.

“We are homeowners and pay taxes. Why can’t we have garbage service? It’s not fair to differentiate.”

According to Trustee Carol Gustafson, Roscoe is the only Village in the area that does not bill homeowners for garbage collection.

”However, we have a limited amount of money to work with. We have to decide what we want to spend it on,” Gustafson said.

Trustee Lindsey Swanson brought up the possibility of every resident paying for their own garbage service. Trustee Kevin Muradian asked board members if they would support a resolution to have everyone pay for the services.

The Village will be switching from Rock River Waste Management to Advance Waste Management next year De Grave said.

“We are in a time crunch right now. There is a sense of emergency. We must have a contract by the end of the year.”

It was decided by a 3-2 vote (Trustee Stacy Mallicoat was absent) to send the proposed Ordinance amending the definition of R1 and R2 residential property owners  to the full board for approval and look at the issue again in 2017.

In other business: Trustees unanimously voiced a resolution in support of the retention of the Village Police Department. Trustee Rob Baxter defended his earlier suggestion of exploring the option of outsourcing police protection by having the Winnebago County Sheriff’s department partner with the Village.

Police Chief Jamie Evans said there is a definite need for two additional officers.

“How many times does this have to come up? We have needed more officers since 2009,” Evans said.

“We had 12 officers in 1998, and we still have 12 officers,” Deputy Chief Derick Lee said.

Village President Dave Krienke lashed out at Trustee Sue Petty saying Petty stated last year that she would not support the hiring of additional officers

Trustee Gustafson said it all comes down to how we want to spend the nearly $400,000 supplemental appropriation money available this year.

The board will meet each Tuesday evening during the month of September. Meetings on Sept. 9 and 23 will cover budget issues for the coming year. Meetings are open to the public and begin at 6:30 p.m.

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