ROCKFORD – The Belvidere High School boys’ soccer team defeated Harlam High School at a game set at Harlam on Wednesday, Sept. 30. Belvidere won 2-1.

Belvidere started strong, scoring the first goal in the first period. Jonathan Nava scored with an assist from Jorge Nava.

Harlam came back quickly with a score by Dexas Frey.

Belvidere would not let Harlam keep the tie game going. Belvidere scored again in the second period with Benji Delgado making the goal off an assist from Bernie Dominguez.

In total, Harlem made a total of nine attempts at the goal, with three going wide and six of them being saved by Belvidere goalie, Edgar Gomez.

The Belvidere Bucs made six other attempts on the goal with two of them being saved by Harlam goalie, Kyle Pea.

Belvidere came away with the victory in the end, putting them at an 11-3-1, record.

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