AustinBy Austin Brockmann

Guest contributor

BELVIDERE – This is my first year taking the Citizenship project. I thought I would explore a new area and help me in my personal growth. Taking on a new project can be very interesting and rewarding.

I did not know what this project would be all about, but now I do.

I learned what a community is – a group of people who live and work together. It was brought to my attention there are many components that make up the community such as Government, Courts and Laws, Business and Industry, Transportation, Communication and Utilities, Culture and Heritage, Natural Resources and Environment, Education, Organizations, and Tourism.

I acquired what my role as a citizen of my community is. I learned the importance of being involved in my community.

For my General Projects Day Judging exhibit I did a tri-fold poster board on Boone County Government. I explained how the Boone County board was comprised from the districts. The  county board duties were listed. I gave details on the 17th Judicial Circuit Court and judges.

I looked up the clerk of the circuit court, county clerk and recorder and gave their duties or functions. In researching the county budget, I included the budget summary and general fund revenue charts.

The impact on my family was my dad working at FCA. I was able to tour the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Assembly Plant on their 50th Anniversary Celebration and discussed with a manager the way the industry operates. My parents always encourage me to explore new adventures to expand my knowledge.

I plan on taking this project again next year. Citizenship is a very important part of my 4-H work. Citizenship involves playing an active part in our society. It is how we make society work together.

People need to understand, challenge and engage with politics, the economy, and the law. What we put into it creates what we get out of it. Everyone needs to feel they belong and that they can drive change.

Society is best when we all join in. This project helped me develop a greater understanding and appreciation of my community.

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