By Chris Johnson


DURAND – Earlier this month, Trustees with the Durand School Board met to discuss their plans to assure the tools were in place to keep things moving into the digital age of teaching.

New technology, including email, video conferencing and Chromebooks are, reportedly, helping assure students stay ahead of the curve when it comes to learning.

According to information presented by Superintendent of Schools and Elementary School Principal Kurt Alberstett, the plan is to continue working with various teams of advisors and instructors to help keep things moving in the digital age of teaching.

In his report presented to the Board, Alberstett said he did a lot of prep work recently.

“I conducted ALICE Training for Durand Staff during our Institute Days and also helped conduct a Writing Curriculum Workshop, where the Staff worked with Common Core Writing Standards. I also conducted a Digital Learning Team meeting, where more planning was done towards being a digital school.”

The tools of teaching have changed, now that the digital age has taken full control, in the thoughts of many, experiencing the transition.

It’s very similar to how things have changed, in an industry where many read the words in black and white in another form, the weekly newspaper.

In the earliest days, information was collected, organized, cut out and then set on a large piece of paper to form a single sheet. The sheets were put together and the newspaper was made.

The newspaper still hits the streets today, but also finds a path in the digital world.

One local professional, who works with “digital interfacing”, is Gazette Editor Doug Schroder.

“Back in the day, in school, things were done on chalkboards and written with pen and paper. But now everything is done by keyboard and with computers. Learning cursive handwriting seems to almost have vanished in schools as well. The students have to be able to keep up. It would still be nice to think our children will still be able to read historic documents, written in cursive, though.”

Electronic education was also a topic of discussion for Junior High and High School Principal Michael Leskowich, as he presented his findings to Trustees.

He also discussed his interaction with supporting school policies.

“I visited every grade level classroom to cover the Parent/Student Handbook with the students. I covered updated rules and the rules that are most commonly broken. I answered student questions about the handbook. I also helped set up the drill schedule for the 2015-2016 school year.”

Leskowich said he attended a Chalkable LMS meeting and attended a Durand Revitalization meeting.

Athletic and Transportation Director Pete Robertson said he continued to work on assuring mandated activities were all on schedule.

“I held an Athletic Rules Meeting for students entering seventh and ninth grades earlier this year, and I also attended an NUIC AD Meeting on Aug. 13 an held a second Rules Meeting on Aug. 13, as well.”

Robertson said he attended a Junior High Conference meeting and attended a NUIC AD/Principal meeting in September.

Students were enrolled in Sis and Sti-Training continued for the staff, according to Technology Director, Ms. Angie Winchel.

The Technology Department also updated the iPad labs.

The Durand School Board meets on the second Monday of every month.

The next scheduled meeting of Trustees with the District 322 Board of Education will be on Monday, Oct. 12, at 6 p.m.

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