Heritage woodsBy Kathryn MenueEditor

BELVIDERE – Heritage Woods not only makes strides in assisting senior living, but on Tuesday, Oct. 13, Heritage Woods also took on the fight against breast cancer.

At 1 p.m., Heritage Woods staff, residents, and their family members, lined up in front of the Heritage Woods facility to release pink balloons to spread awareness for the fight against breast cancer.

“All of us know someone [affected by breast cancer],” Heritage Woods Resident Services Coordinator Robin Buzinski said.

The “inaugural” event was the “brain child” of Buzinski who wanted to do something special to bring awareness for breast cancer, to honor the loved ones who fought and lost and fought and won the breast cancer fight, to bring hope to those still fighting, and to spread awareness in hopes to one day find a cure.

Director of Marketing Robin Bertram said that Buzinski always comes up with something nice, like a party or the balloon launch, for those who have fought the hard fight against breast cancer.

“I think it’s something that’s a good representation of awareness,” Bertram said.

About 50 people joined in the balloon launch with some releasing more than one balloon in honor of those they knew affected by the disease. Nearly half of the supporters releasing balloons, dressed in their pinkest outfits to raise even more support for the good cause.

Buzinski began the ceremony with a short speech, sharing that she hoped this ceremony would bring “hope for those currently battling the disease…and most importantly, hope for a cure.”

With those sentiments, the launch began in 3…2…1…

The light pink balloons floated into the sky, bringing with them a celebration of life, a memorial of death, and a support for those fighting for their lives against breast cancer.

“This is a good cause,” one resident said. “I released mine for my daughter.”Heritage woods 2

After watching the balloons fade into specks in the sky, the supporters returned to the dining area inside to escape the cool autumn breeze and enjoy some light refreshments of lemonade and vanilla cupcakes topped with light pink frosting.

As the residents dined, Buzinski passed out packets with information concerning breast cancer, which included screening options for men and women (since men can also contract breast cancer), warning signs, and statistics on risks. Hopefully, spreading this information will help bring awareness and bring society one step closer to the cure.

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