TaylorBy Taylor Davis

Guest Contributor

BOONE COUNTY – This marks my last year in 4-H, and it is very bittersweet. It means that I can take what I have learned in 4-H and apply it to pretty much everything in my life, from college to jobs, but it also means moving on from a great period of time in my life.

I joined 4-H when I was 8-years-old, a very shy little girl who needed help making friends. I’m leaving as a young adult that doesn’t have a problem speaking in front of groups when necessary, can take charge, and work with people I only just met. I give much of the credit to 4-H, or to things that I was able to do because of 4-H.

I became very active in 4-H from the beginning as Historian of my club for a couple years, and on to Head Historian as my confidence grew.

From there on I was Reporter, to Treasurer for a couple years, on to Secretary, then President for my last couple years before I went to college. I loved every minute of being active in the club, and it was always very important to me that our club was having a good time and that new members were welcomed just as I was.

This leads me to the story of Anna. I volunteer at the therapeutic horseback riding center where my mom works, Bravehearts.

Anna was a regular volunteer there, who helped my mom out with many of her sessions, and she lives down the road from us. She has a passion for horses and wanted one of her own.

Not having the set up for one, I asked her if she would be interested in leasing one of mine, and joining The Wranglers and signing up for horse project. It was the perfect fit.

We spent this past Spring and Summer working together to help her gain more knowledge and experience and be ready to show this year. It was exciting being able to pass along what I knew to her and watch it all come together at the shows for her.

This year has definitely been my most fulfilling, between my year at Black Hawk; helping out with shows, continuing to volunteer at Bravehearts, and helping teach Anna what I know and watch her grow as a rider. As I finish college I am looking forward to see how I can use the skills I learned in 4-H as a leader in my life.

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