By Jean Seegers


ROCKTON – Re-enactors from throughout the area gathered around cook fires sharing stories and information at the annual Frenchman’s Frolic at Macktown Education Center, Oct. 17 and 18.

The two-day workshops and round-table discussions provided an opportunity for lovers of history to socialize, learn techniques and visit with like-minded re-enactors.

Mike Brost, volunteer and board member at Macktown Education Center facilitated the event. The number of re-enactors attending has increased each year.

“There were 47 re-enactors here last year and 62 this year,” Brost said.

Visitors witnessed an 18th century funeral parade led by “undertaker” Chris Hubbard, a Ladies Skillet throwing competition, tomahawk throwing contest and a flag ceremony held on Sunday closing out the festivities.

Smithies at the blacksmith shop were busy all weekend creating tools and utensils. Old friends visited back and forth in front of their tents and engaged in shooting and archery competitions throughout the weekend.

On Saturday evening, friends and families gathered at the trading post tavern for a round of drinks, fiddle-playing, dancing and singing.

Brost said, while Frenchman’s Frolic is intended to be an educational and social experience for re-enactors, visitors are welcome to attend at no charge. Donations are always welcome.

Volunteers at Macktown are always welcome. Call Charlotte Ferguson at (815) 964-6769 for details.

Macktown is located in the Macktown Forest Preserve at 2221 Freeport Road, Rockton.

Frenchman Frolic I

Jean Seegers photos

Visitors at Frenchman’s Frolic at the Macktown Education Center watched blacksmith Chris Hubbard create cooking utensils and tools during the Oct. 17-18 event.

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