BELVIDERE – On Nov. 9, University of Illinois Extension’s Environmental Stewardship Educator, Peggy Doty, will offer a presentation on Illinois Woodpeckers. The program will be from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Boone County Conservation District Nature Center located at 603 Appleton Road in Belvidere.

Register by calling the University of Illinois Extension office at (815) 544-3710 or online at Registration is $5 per person.

There are many unique birds in the world but one of the most amazing and unique group of birds in North America and Illinois is the woodpecker family.

They are highly specialized with unique physical adaptations which not only help them survive but other birds and animals also have a dependence on the success of the woodpeckers as well. Woodpeckers eat countless tons of insects which greatly minimizes pest damage.

In some instances, these excavating geniuses can become the enemy of anyone living in a home with a wooden exterior and on the same city block bring complete delight to the person watching their bird feeders through the window.

Extension Educator Peggy Doty said, “It doesn’t seem to matter the age of the observer, everyone knows the woodpeckers when they see one. Even our smallest children who come to the Natural Resource Education Center in Russell Woods Forest Preserve will look out our bird viewing window and yell ‘woodpecker’ the minute one arrives.”

Fall is a great time to watch for woodpeckers in backyards and on nature walks. They are also easy to attract to your bird feeders with the right snacks and are impressive to watch. We have about a handful of different woodpecker species in northern Illinois and Peggy Doty will be presenting a program on these wonderful birds.

Did you know woodpeckers tongues are attached in the top of their head? Register and attend this insightful program and learn more facts about these fine birds as well as preferred foods.

To register, call the University of Illinois Extension office at (815) 544-3710 or online at If you need a reasonable accommodation to participate in this program, please call the Extension office.

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