Zion lutheranBy Doug Shiloh

Guest Contributor

BELVIDERE– A total of 28 boxes filled with 209 quilts made by the Zion Lutheran Church Sewing Circle over the past year were packed and were shipped out on Oct. 3 to Lutheran World Relief.

Overall, a total of 209 quilts were created during the past year, according to Committee Head Marilyn Smith.

The Zion Lutheran Sewing Circle consists of Marilyn Smith, Lavonne Spangler, Karen Ballweg, Marilyn Smaha, Laurie Swenson, Vera Sandberg, Elmae West, Fran Palmer, Wanda Watts, Brenda Tobin, and Julianne Adamson.

Adamson created 180 in the past year for the effort.

“I think of all the kids that don’t have anything and I think, well, maybe they’ll have a blanket then,” Adamson said. “Even in the hot countries is gets cold at night.”

Lutheran World Relief (http://lwr.org) is a Baltimore-based non-profit organization “that works with local partners to provide lasting solutions to poverty, injustice and human suffering.”

According to the organization’s web site, 153 projects in 35 countries reached over 4.7 million people in Latin America, Africa, Asia and The Middle East.

“Giving to any community makes good sense, plain and simple,” Zion Pastor Scott Stolberg said. “You are following the Golden Rule: ‘Do unto others as you would want to have done to you’ and you are responding to what Jesus asked of each of us to do… ‘Love your neighbor.’”

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