hair donation (1)By Kathryn Menue


BELVIDERE – The night of Monday, Nov. 16 commenced like any other sports night at Belvidere Central Middle School (BCMS) with the BCMS boys’ basketball team facing Belvidere South Middle School (BSMS). However, Central had a special treat in store for the fans lining the stands.

Before the cross-town rivalry game started, one BCMS student announced a special dedication for the night’s game.

“We dedicate tonight to cancer survivors and those who have lost their lives to cancer,” the BCMS student said.

Following the dedication was the announcement that during half-time, 20 women would have their lengthy lockshair donation (2) cut-off to be given to Pantene Beautiful Lengths Hair Donation, where they would make wigs out of the donated hair for cancer patients who have lost their hair to extensive chemotherapy treatments.

With an aura of support emitting from the crowd, the usual activities began with an opening of BCMS students singing the national anthem and the cheerleaders sending the boys off with a thunderous roar of support.

The game opened with Blue Thunder quickly taking the lead in the first period, 11-8. After a great second period for BCMS, the Blue Thunder boys went into half-time leading 26-12.

During halftime, the BCMS dance team performed and the wonderful tribute to cancer patients kicked-off.

hair donation (3)Twenty women sat in a circle in the middle of the gym floor, as their sponsors stood behind them equipped with scissors to cut numerous inches off of each woman’s locks.

Snip…snip…snip…and done. The circle of women, having a much lighter head of hair, smiled at the good deed they had done as they bagged their hair up to be sent to Pantene.

Once the touching ceremony ended, the women who’d donated their hair, and the sponsors who cut their hair, proceeded to the BCMS cafeteria to celebrate their accomplishment.

The women who donated their hair were: Dianne Avila, Michelle Bautista, Melissa Beffa, Juliana Carranza, Caitlin Corso, Rayley Effler, Grazi Galluzzo, Madeline Gierzynski, Cassandra Karl, Emma Karl, Isabella Kazluski, Hannah LaMarca, Paige Lambright, Christina Laramee, Karyna Mendoza, Nancy Mendoza, Ada Parker, Tina Radke, Ashleigh Schamper, and Alex Wallace.

The sponsors who cut the women’s hair were: Ignacio Avila Rodriguez, Susana Landa, Hannah Beffa, Gabriela hair donation (4)Morado, Dawn Corso, Vicky Stevensen, Jenny Clifton, Angela Galluzzo, Adrianne Gierzynski, Rebecca Karl, Sarah Kazluski, Ginny LaMarca, Kristi Lambright, Sherry Gundrum, Jaunita Cisneros, Tracey Parker, Michelle Rainwater, Rogene Kunde, and Shari Wallace.

After the emotional tribute ceased, the basketball game recommenced with BCMS continuing their lead in the third period by a closer margin of 31-24. The Blue Thunder boys were able to hold onto their lead to ensure their triumph over BSMS with a final score of 32-26.

With a win under their belt and the special dedication ceremony to cancer patients completed, the BCMS community returned home with pride in their hearts from their night of victory.

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