bBy Kathryn Menue


BELVIDERE – Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere, hosts a junior bowling league each week where youth and adolescents can come to the bowling alley to hone their bowling skills.

Concordia Lanes splits up the youth bowlers into four different categories based on age and skill level. The youngest go into the Cookies and Milk category, followed by the Bantams, the Preps, and the Junior/Major divisions.

Each week, Concordia Lanes releases the results of the top bowlers from each category.

The high scoring bowlers from Nov. 16 include seven top bowlers throughout the four divisions.

Noel Capadonno was the highest scoring bowler in the Cookies and Milk division with a score of 61.

Draivin Wright was one of the high scorers from the Bantams division with a high game score of 70 and a 108 series. The other top bowler for the Bantams was Brooklynn Wilkinson with a high score of 53 and a series of 104.

For the Preps category, Branndon Fowler took home a high score of 114, with a series of 315, while Adriana Wright returned home with a high score of 92 with a 207 series.

Finally, in the last division of the Junior Major’s category, Kris Worden had a high score of 167 with a 427 series and Morgan Dawley had a high score of 184 with a 472 series.

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