During the 2015 McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Corrections Facility Road Crew season, a total of 4,374 hours of volunteer work was provided to the community. The season started April 22, 2015 and ran through Oct. 16, 2015. This year’s Road Crew season nearly triple the gallons of paint were recycled in the townships of Algonquin, Marengo and Nunda. This collaborative effort resulted in a total of 720 gallons, filling thirteen 55 – gallon drums, being recycled for the Illinois E.P.A.


The Sheriff’s Office Road Crew assisted fifteen Townships and several government agencies: Alden, Algonquin, Chemung, Coral, Dorr, Dunham, Grafton, Greenwood, Hartland, Hebron, Marengo, McHenry, Nunda, Richmond, and Riley townships, City of Harvard, City of Marengo City of Wonder Lake, and the McHenry County Department of Transportation.


The tasks the Road Crew provided this season included:


2,130 hours collecting trash

160 hours of painting

596 hours of brush and tree removal

672 hours of asphalt paving and patching

166 hours of paint recycling


650 miscellaneous hours that included shop cleaning, washing fleet vehicles, and landscaping. Sheriff’s Office Road Crew workers cleared 328.8 miles of roadway wand easements, which filled 735 garbage bags. Inmates participating in the Road Crew expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to serve. While this program provides the community and government a service, participants learn skills, aiding them in future employment opportunities. The Road Crew program is just one of the Sheriff’s Office Inmate Worker Programs. Inmates throughout the year also assist in various jobs including: kitchen, laundry and block workers. Corrections Officers supervise workers and make sure the workers and community are safe while they are assisting the communities.

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