bball2By Kathryn Menue


BELVIDERE – On Friday, Dec. 4, the Lady Bucs faced off against Guilford High School. The Belvidere girls defeated Auburn in a close game with a final score of 39-37. The win came as a nice celebration for the Lady Bucs who were able to squeeze out the victory on their own court and on Senior Night no less.

Several of the girls on the varsity basketball team did extremely well. Bryanna Williams alone scored 14 points in the game with her teammate Neve Yerk scoring an additional 10 points herself. The two made up more than half of the team’s final score.

Logan Delmore, of Belvidere, also was a big help to the team scoring six points throughout the game.

Despite the Lady Bucs end triumph, Guilford High School made them work for the win. A few of Guilford’s young ladies had some impressive performances as well. Kaleia Montiero, of Guilford, racked up 19 points for her team. Olivia Hagerty scored eight points and Crystal Mathis scored an additional seven points. The three of them alone accounted for 34 out of their total of 37 points in the game.

In the end, the Guilford ladies just couldn’t pull off the win. Belvidere is thankful for that and thankful for their own Liv Busch who scored four points throughout the intense game and scored the winning shot to ensure Belvidere’s victory.

Scores and stats are courtesy of Belvidere High School Coaches: Girls Varsity Head Coach Eric Samuelson and Girls Varsity and Sophomore Assistant Coach Ryan Geary.

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