Belvidere North varsity 2By Kaila Olsen


BELVIDERE – On Friday, Dec. 4, at 7 p.m., Belvidere North High School’s varsity boys’ basketball team faced off against Rockford’s Auburn Knights.

The game started out pretty rough for the Blue Thunder boys, and ended even rougher.  It was hard for Belvidere North to get any points on the board.
With only two minutes left in the first period, and a score of 5-11, in Auburn’s favor, #2 of Auburn went in for a successful two point layup, making the score 5-13.

Belvidere North lost the ball while trying to bring it back up the court and Auburn’s #11 was able to recover the ball and bring it in for another two point layup, making the score 5-15.

At this point in the first period, Belvidere North used their first time out of the game, but immediately after the time out Auburn’s #11 shot the ball and scored their team another two points, making the score 5-17. This shot ended the first period.

The second period started slowly until a loose ball was recovered by Auburn which resulted in a three-pointer.
The Blue Thunder boys were having a tough night, unable to defend or score.

Plus, turnover after turnover just resulted in scores for the Auburn Knights.

With six minutes and 11 seconds left in the second period, and Auburn’s #11 at the free throw line, after being fouled by Belvidere North, the score was 8-25. Auburn missed both of these free throw shots, but recovered the rebound from the second free throw shot and Auburn’s #11 scored a two point layup as a result.
With only about one minute left in the period, Belvidere North’s #2 was finally able to put up a good two point shot, bringing the score to 10- 27.

This shot was followed by another Auburn layup, good for two more points, bringing the score to 10- 29. Then, with only 30 seconds left of the second period,  Auburn’s #12 had his second personal foul of the game.

The third period began with Belvidere North scoring a two point layup, followed by Auburn scoring a three point shot, bringing the score to 12- 32.

Then, the Blue Thunder boys’ #5 saved the ball from going out of bounds and passed it down the court to Belvidere North’s #22 who was able to score a two point layup, making the score 14- 32. This shot was followed by Auburn shooting, and making a three point shot, quickly changing the score to 14-35.Belvidere North varsity

Late in the third period, Belvidere North began to show good defense, although it was still difficult for them to score any points. The improved defense kept Auburn from scoring a few minutes.

The next point was made by Belvidere North’s #2, Matt Konkler, and was good for two points, changing the score to 16-35.

The third period ended with a score of 18-43.
The fourth period began with Auburn scoring six points. Belvidere North had no choice but to take another time out and try to get their heads back into the game.

After the time out, Auburn scored a three point shot, followed by recovering the ball near their hoop, and scoring another quick two points.

Auburn’s score had risen up to 54 points before Belvidere North was able to score again. The Blue Thunder boys scored a two point layup, making the score 20-54.

The last two minutes of the game were full of mistakes. Both teams fouled each other, lost the ball, and missed shots. With only 40 seconds left of the game, the referee called traveling on Belvidere North. It seemed as though the game had worn all the players out.

Then, with 25 seconds left on the clock,  the referee called another foul on Belvidere North.  Auburn went to the free throw line and made one out of their two free throws. This ended the game with a final score of 20-60.

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