Belvidere North varsity 2By Kaila Olsen


ROCKFORD – Belvidere North sophomore basketball team faced off against Hononegah on Friday, Dec. 11 at 5:30 p.m. at Hononegah High School.

The entire game stayed very close, and both teams played hard to try to win.

The entire first two periods were back and forth, point for point.

The only points that kept the score from being a two point difference or a tie game were three point shots from Hononegah and a two point shot from Belvidere North. This was soon followed by Belvidere North stealing the ball from Hononegah and scoring a two-point-layup. These three plays made the score 26-25 in favor of Belvidere North.

After halftime, both teams scored immediately. Hononegah scored first, followed by Belvidere North with a two pointer.

Then, Hononegah used their possession of the ball to also shoot and make a two point shot. They were fouled by Belvidere North on the play and made one out of their two free throw shots. The free throw shot made the score 30-27, which was the largest lead of the game in favor of Hononegah.

Afterward, Belvidere North stole the ball from Hononegah, but the referee called a penalty on them for traveling. The Blue Thunder Boys were able to make a two point layup when they got the ball back, which was followed directly by a two point shot for Hononegah.

The next score was a three point shot made by Hononegah.

North brought the ball back to their hoop for another two-point-layup. Number 12 of Belvidere North was fouled on that play and was able to make one out of his two free throws, breaking yet another tie in the game, making the score 36-35.

Next, another foul was called, this time against number Belvidere North. Both of the free throws that followed from Hononegah were good, making the score 37-36 in Hononegah’s favor.  North then shot and made a three pointer to take the lead once again.

Then, the Blue Thunder Boys were able to steal the ball back from Hononegah and make another three point shot, taking the lead 42-37.

Hononegah pushed back and made a two point layup, with another foul on that play against Belvidere North. Both of the free throw shots were good, and brought the score to 42-41.

The next score was also made by Hononegah, giving them the lead with a three point shot. This shot brought the score to 44-42.

Hononegah’s lead didn’t last long because it was directly followed by North making a three pointer as well, bringing the score to 45-44.

Number 10 of North was fouled on the next play and made one out of his two free throws, making the score 46-44.

Hononegah ended the third period with a two-point-layup, tying the score once again in the game.

The fourth period began with back to back to back two point shots and layups from both teams, bringing the score back to a tie game at 50-50.

With 5:13 left in the game, North fouled Hononegah during a layup, causing Hononegah to miss the shot. However, Hononegah also missed the two free throw shots.

Finally, with 3:11 left in the game, Belvidere North broke the tie by shooting a two point layup, directly followed by Hononegah making a three point shot.

Next, Hononegah stole the ball back and brought it in for a two point layup, making the score 55-52 in favor of Hononegah.

Hononegah fouled Belvidere North and Blue Thunder came back to make both free throws.

Hononegah returned the ball to their hoop for two points. As Belvidere North began to dribble the ball back down the court, the Blue Thunder player was fouled and made one out of his two free throw shots, tying the game at 57-57.

Belvidere North took their last time out of the game. After the time out, North was fouled again. The player made one out of his two free throws, breaking the tie once again.

Hononegah made a two point layup to take the lead with a score of 59-58. Hononegah was fouled on the play, but missed both free throws with 57 seconds left of the game.

Hononegah took their last time out of the game with only 41 seconds left.

North attempted a layup, but missed. The Blue Thunder Boys almost recovered the rebound, but instead, accidently threw the ball out of bounds.

With the clock winding down, Hononegah’s number 23 went in for a layup but was fouled again, and missed both his free throw shots.

Belvidere North retrieved the rebound, ran down the court, and shot, but missed a three pointer.

Luckily for Belvidere North they recovered their own rebound, and with only five seconds left on the clock, shot a two point layup and made it, taking the lead and winning the game with a final score of 59-60.

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