bball4Bob Kopp

BDR Sports Correspondent

BELVIDERE – Jefferson looks like the next high school in District 205 to step up in a NIC-10 sport.

With sophomores Quillin Dixon (14), My’Quoin Garrett (20), and senior Kaveon Rogers leading the way (19) in scoring, the J-Hawks led at the end of every quarter (18-9, 39-25, 56-44) until a furious Belvidere comeback in the fourth led by juniors Xavier “The Rebounding Vacuum” Dent (six of his 10) and Nate “Highlight Film” Horton (seven of his 15) brought the Bucs within three points with 12.6 seconds on the clock before the buzzer heralded the 70-64 win for the hosts.

Junior Austin Revolinski continued his dominant all-court play and led the Bucs with 16 points.  Senior Deante Barnes chipped in with 11 and juniors Will Morris and Joey Hernandez each notched six.  Significant minutes were also logged by seniors Eric Munoz, Matt Kopp, and juniors Jacob Rodriguez and Austin Brockmann.

Former North Head Coach Darrin Sisk, who had a penchant for taking thin rosters to startling upsets during his tenure that ended after last season, observed, “Nice finish for the Bucs!”

While there are no couldas and wouldas or even shouldas when scores are posted and standings become history, the Bucs impressive comeback in the fourth against a team with several players who will be attracting significant attention for the next level in the next few years, gave hope to fans who think the Bucs, under the premium coaching of Head Coach Aaron Pearson and top assistant Nate Lister, will play an important role in the sorting out of NIC-10 contenders behind Auburn and Boylan.

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