BYRON – Fire departments all across the state, including the Byron Fire Protection District participate in a program known as “Keep the Wreath Red”. The program is designed to focus on safety awareness while decorating our homes for the holidays. How the program works is simple; we will place a wreath on our fire station and light it with a string of red lights. The wreath will remain lit on the north side of the firehouse, twenty-four hours a day throughout the holiday season. Whenever a fire occurs that is a result of holiday decorations, a white bulb replaces a red bulb on the wreath. This serves as a reminder to keep safety in mind as families decorate. According to Deputy Chief Timothy W. Salo the residents of the Byron Fire District have done a great job being cautious and aware during the holidays with Christmas decorations, he stated he could not remember a fire caused by Christmas decorations occurring in years.

Here are a few simple reminders to help stay safe while decorating. When using extension cords, please use them only when necessary. If an extension cord is needed, inspect closely before using, and make sure they are UL approved, free of cracked or split insulation, and the plugs are not damaged. Keep extension cords and all electrical wiring out of walkways or places they could become pinched or worn. Do not run extension cords under carpeting or rugs; the insulation can become worn or damaged quite quickly. Closely follow all directions on the light packages to be sure you are not overloading your electrical circuits. Constantly check your wiring and equipment to be sure problems or damage isn’t taking place.

Do not leave burning candles unattended. Do not use candles on or near any combustible materials such as clothing, books, curtains or flammable liquids. Do NOT keep lighted candles within reach of children or pets.

When it comes to Christmas Tree Safety follow these rules. If using a real tree, select only a fresh one that is deep green in color and has a strong scent of pine. Trees should not lose their needles easily. Keep your tree stand filled with water. If using an artificial tree, make sure it is flame retardant; and keep all trees away from fireplaces or heating vents.

From all of us at the Byron Fire Protection District, have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!

Keep the Wreath Red

Courtesy photo The wreath with red lights hangs on the Byron Fire Department.

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