bowl1BELVIDERE – In the junior bowling league, hosted by Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere, five bowlers took home the highest scores for their respective categories in the Monday, Nov. 30 junior bowling league night.

Bowlers are split into four categories based on their age group and skill level. The youngest bowlers are in the Cookies and Milk category, followed by the Bantams, the Preps, and the Junior/Majors in the final category.

No one competed in the Cookies and Milk category on Monday night, so no top bowler was announced. However, each of the other categories had top bowlers who shined in their last games of November.

In the Bantams, Draivin Wright took home the top bowler position with his high game of 66 with a 112 series.

In the Preps division, Adriana Wright had a high score of 91 with a 226 series and Preston Potter had a high score of 118 with a 270 series.

In the final division, the Junior/Majors, Trevor Dawley had a high score of 222 with a 531 series while Morgan Dawley had a high score of 151 with a 435 series.

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