Bowling Strike rot/orangeBy Kathryn Menue


BELVIDERE – Each week, Concordia Lanes, located at 1205 Logan Ave. in Belvidere, holds youth bowling sessions where junior bowlers can enhance their skills in the world of bowling.

The activity is a fun event for children of all ages who are eager to learn the techniques involved in the bowling sport.

To help the youth bowlers improve their game, Concordia Lanes offers two bowling times per week and separates bowlers into different categories of skill based on their age. These four different categories include the Cookies and Milk league for the youngest bowlers, the Bantams, the Preps, and the Junior/Majors.

Each week, Concordia Lanes shares the results of the top bowlers from each section.

On Saturday, Dec. 12, there were six top bowlers throughout the four different divisions.

In the Cookies and Milk league, the top bowler was Cora Jones with a high game score of 79.

In the Bantams division, the top bowler was Angelica Robles with a high score of 103 and a series of 203.

In the Preps category, Coby Parks scored a 141 with a 417 series and Jessica Plodzion scored a 114 with a 302 series.

In the Junior Majors division, Aaron Rochon scored a high score of 238 with a 546 series and Rachel Nelson came away with the impressive score of 224 with a 593 series.

On Monday, Dec. 14, junior bowlers arrived to the bowling alley again to compete for the top player of the week in each category of bowlers.

In the Cookies and Milk league, Noel Capodanno took home the top spot with a high game of 68.

In the Bantams category, Draivin Wright had a high score of 75 with a 145 series.

No one competed in the Preps division, so no top score was recorded.

In the Junior/Majors division, Kris Worden had a high score of 174 with a 397 series and Aleesha Chism had a high score of 131 with a 335 series.

On Saturday, Dec. 19 the junior bowlers were at it again, but very few participated because of the holidays.

No one competed in the Cookies and Milk league, so no high bowlers were recognized.

In the Bantams, Remy Gifford was the highest scoring bowler with a 72 game and 108 series.

Also in the Bantams, Mason Kahl scored a 65 game with a high 128 series.

In the Preps, Jessica Plodzien was the only high scoring bowler with a score of 149 and a 367 series.

In the Junior/Majors division, Aaron Starnes was the only high bowler with a 215 game and a 563 series.

On Monday, Dec. 21, the junior bowlers were at it again with top bowlers scoring high games in each age category.

In the Cookies and Milk division, Noel Capodanno had a 245 game.

In the Bantams category, Brooklynn Wilkinson had a high score of 71 with a 135 series, while Draivin Wright had a high score of 80 with a series of 136.

In the Preps division, Preston Potter had a 115 high game with a 289 series and Adriana Wright had a high score of 87 with a 242 series.

In the Junior/Majors, Morgan Dawley had a high score of 173 with a 453 series and Trevor Dawley had a 182 high score with a 446 series.

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