SOUTH BELOIT – After analyzing the workload reports from last year, Santa felt more scout elves were needed to manage his naughty and nice list.

The elves suggested having representatives in libraries across the country. A presence in libraries would allow them to find children of all ages.

Many, many elves applied for these positions. One little elf lobbied extra hard to be assigned to the South Beloit Public Library.

In his interview he cited his love of reading books and magazines, building with Legos, watching movies and using the computer; not to mention, his name alone made him the perfect candidate.

That is how Bo came to us at the South Beloit Public Library. While he takes his job very seriously, Bo gets into all kinds of mischief when the library closes at night. You can follow his adventures in the library on our Facebook page and Twitter account.

Visit the library and see if you can find Bo. While there, check out books, movies, magazines and books on CD.

Shelf Elf









Courtesy photo

A shelf elf has been seen in various places at the South Beloit Public Library recently.

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