Belvidere North SophomoreBy Kaila Olsen


ROCKFORD – Belvidere North boys’ varsity basketball team played Hononegah on Friday, Dec. 11 at 7 p.m. at Hononegah. This was a conference game for the teams, and both teams put forth their best effort to take the win.

The first play of the game was a two point layup for Hononegah, which was directly followed by North shooting and making a three pointer.

As Hononegah started to bring the ball back down the court Blue Thunder attempted to steal the ball, getting it out of Hononegah’s hands but was knocked out of bounds. A player from each team fell to the ground to save the ball, but failed.

The next score came from a three point shot made by North, making the score 6-2 in Belvidere North’s favor.

Hononegah then took a time out.

After the timeout, Belvidere North made a three pointer, bringing their lead up to 9-2. Hononegah then brought the ball down the court for their first three pointer of the game.

The Blue Thunder Boys followed this play with a two point layup, and then stole the ball back and made a three point shot, bringing the score to 14-5.

Hononegah then dribbled the ball down the court and made a two point shot.

Toward the end of the first period, Hononegah made a three point shot, bringing the new game total to 14-10, still in North’s favor.

Hononegah then stole the ball from North with only 27 seconds left in the first period, but Blue Thunder came back to intercept the ball before Hononegah could score again.

The second period began with Belvidere and Hononegah going back and forth on steals, resulting in a two pointer from Hononegah. Belvidere fouled on the play, but Hononegah was unsuccessful in making either of the two free throws.

Fouls continued for the next few minutes, but no scores were made.

Hononegah then took their first lead of the game by making a three pointer. This brought the score to 15-14.

The next point of the game was also made by Hononegah, and was another three point shot.

With 5:30 left of the first half, North took their first time out of the game. They came back from their time out and scored a two-point-layup.

Hononegah then made their own layup, followed by a three pointer a little later on in the game.

With 3:13 left in the second period, Hononegah extended their lead with another three pointer. This shot made the score 26-16, which was the largest lead of the game.

Then North made a three point shot, but Hononegah came back with another two pointer. These two plays made the score 28-19 in Hononegah’s favor.

The clock was winding down in the 2nd period, and number 13 of North made a 2 point layup. Number 13 then stole the ball back from Hononegah and was fouled on the play. Both of his free throw shots were good, and brought the score to 28 to 23.

With 1:10 left in the half, Hononegah made a three pointer. Hononegah, #14, was fouled on the play and made both of his free throw shots. Belvidere North was able to make one more three point shot before the end of the second period, making the final score before halftime 33-26.

The third quarter began and Hononegah dominated the third period, by only letting Blue Thunder score one free throw shot and a three pointer, making the scores 44-30 in Hononegah’s favor.

The first play of the fourth period was a three point shot by Hononegah. Belvidere North fouled Hononegah, #14, on the play, and he made one out of his two free throws.

North then brought the ball down the court to score a three point shot as well. Hononegah brought the ball right back down the court for a two-point-layup, making the score 50-33.

Hononegah fouled North on the next play and North scored a point in the free throw.

Hononegah then made another three point shot, bringing the score to 53-34.

With 5:30 left of the game, Belvidere North made a two-point-layup.

After a timeout by North, attempted to shoot a three point shot, but Hononegah’s number 12 tipped the ball out of North’s hand and recovered it. Then a foul resulted in another two points for Hononegah.

Hononegah came back with four more points with a dunk followed by a layup. These plays brought the score to 61-36.

Next, Belvidere fouled a Hononegah player who scored another two points in the free throws.

With 2:10 left of the game, North fouled again, but no points came out of the free throws.

North finally scored a two point shot, and with only one minute left of the game Hononegah scored a two-point-layup.

North came back with another three pointer and with only 20 seconds left of the game, Hononegah made a three pointer to end the game with a final score of 67-41.

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