Bowling Strike rot/orangeBy Bob Balgemann


BOONE COUNTY – Ashley Platt of Belvidere North bowled the top single game and series in the NIC-10 Dec. 1, as the 2015-2016 season opened with the Lady Blue Thunder and Belvidere Lady Bucs savoring victories.

The Belvidere and Belvidere North boys’ teams were equally as fortunate with the Bucs’ Joe Gallagher rolling a three-game 748 series in their win over Boylan. His series was high in the conference on opening day.

Platt, a senior and returning starter, rolled a 259 single game that was tied for tops in the league with Sabrina Stoltz of Jefferson. But her 688 series stood alone as the best of the day, 10 pins better than Mylee McCracken of Harlem.

Team-wise, North had the second-best series of the day, a 3,322, with its 1,117 single game finishing third.

The Lady Blue Thunder opened team play with a 3,322-2,923 victory over Jefferson. The Lady Bucs had an easier time of it, handily defeating Boylan, 3,108-2,258.

Platt averaged 229 for the day with Anissa Hintt not far behind at 211. Hintt had a high single game of 237 to go with a 636 series.

They were complemented by Kylie Johnson with a 621 series and high game of 233. Rounding out the victory were Kaitlynn Trimble’s 483 series and 180 high game; Alexis Bendorf, 456 and 157; and Brynn Lambrecht, 439 and 147.

The Thunder was paced by David Rayphole with a 707 series that included a high game of 247. His series was fifth best for opening day. Teammate Josh Pawlowski, who bowled in two games, had the high single game for North, a 259. He had a 419 series, overall.

Jordan Paulson notched a second-best 639 series with a 255 high game and Javier Martinez chipped in a 606 series that included a 232 high game. Logan Blankenship rolled one game, a 212.

Also contributing to the win was Peyton Lutzow with a 578 series and 237 high game.

Team-wise, North had the second best single game of the day, a 1,307, while its 3,768 series was third.

Belvidere teams win

Hailey Carter’s three-game 596 series, which included a 215 high single game, sparked the Lady Bucs’ victory over Boylan.

The balanced offense saw Sara Deddo contribute a 575 series with high game of 200; Holley Steelberg, a 574 series and 194 high game; Hannah Lowery, 486 series and 193 high game; Alexis Sherman, 452 series with a 176 high game; and Madelyn Deardorff, a 425 series and 166 high game.

Gallagher, a junior, also led the boys’ win with a 257 single game, one of the best in the conference on opening day.

The Bucs also featured a balanced lineup with Larry Tripamer chipping in a 550 series to go with a 209 high game; Zach Brawner, a 544 and 204 respectively; Ben Deardorff, a 541 and 202 combination; and Brock Irwin, a 539 and 204.

Freshman Kevin Jenks, competing in his first NIC-10 game, counted with a 526 series and high game of 195.

JV teams victorious

At the junior varsity level, the Belvidere and Belvidere North boys and girls won by varying degrees of difficulty over Jefferson and Boylan, respectively.

Belvidere’s girls won, 1,978 pins to 463, with the Lady Titans only having two bowlers in their lineup. The Lady J-Hawks’ team had four competitors in their loss to North, by 1,088 pins.

Contrast that to Belvidere’s boys edging Boylan by 113 pins, 2,505-2,392, and North’s margin of victory over Jefferson being just 128 pins, 3,059-2,931.

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