ROCKTON – In Mid-October, Rockton residents Eric and Rebecca Baker contacted Rockton Police Deputy Chief Hollinger. Eric owns EB Mechanical in Loves Park.

EB Mechanical is a commercial heating and air conditioning company based in Loves Park.

Eric wanted to show his appreciation of the Rockton Police Department by making a donation, which would ultimately purchase equipment essential to our job function.

At the time, Officer Harrison, also an Emergency Medical Technician, was completing an inventory of the existing emergency medical bags in the Rockton PD squad cars.

Eric’s donation was more than enough to cover the cost of replacing the 10 brand new medical kits and are now in all of the Rockton PD cars.

The Rockton Police would like to thank Eric and Rebecca Baker for contributing to the efforts of making Rockton a safe community!    Medical kits gift







Photo courtesy of Rockton Police Dept.

Eric and Rebecca Baker 10 Emergency Medical Kits for first responders to the Rockton Police Dept. Shown here, the Bakers with Rockton Police Officer Emily Harrison.

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