Santa (2)By Barb Appelhans


CANDLEWICK LAKE – On Saturday, Dec. 12, Santa Claus made a special stop at the Candlewick Lake Recreation Center to have a breakfast with the families that reside in the Candlewick community.

The breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, sausage, milk, and/or orange juice, provided the perfect morning for families wanting to spend time together and with Santa as they rejoiced in the holiday fun.  Santa 2

After breakfast, Santa visited with everyone with every child receiving the chance to sit on his lap and tell him what they wanted for Christmas.

Santa 3Santa then gifted each child with a special wrapped present with their name on it. He even posed for a picture with each child so they could commemorate the day.

Santa had the perfect present for each child who attended thanks to a little help from their presents. So Santa knew exactly what each child wanted, parents signed up for the special event by leaving a note for Santa stating thSanta 4eir child’s name and age.

Then Santa and his crew found just the right toy to give to them for Christmas, so every child could return home with a smile on their face and a little bit of Christmas magic stirring in their hearts.

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